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If you spend more time elbow-deep in actual tech, than you do reading tech news, you may have missed the biggest (and quirkiest) stories of the last few weeks.

Not to worry. We’ve scoured the web for some of the best stories, the most useful roundups, and the most interesting revelations. From a Find my iPhone pickpocket to the best tech tips for HR pros, we have 25 must-read tidbits from around the tech world.

Digital Security

  1. Digital security is a big issue today; there’s not only the threat of a data breach, but also the costs associated with a digital attack. But did you know that in recent years, ransomware has become a bigger threat to enterprises and SMBs, which is why we found this history of ransomware attacks so fascinating (and chilling). Don’t want the history? Skip ahead to the section on protecting yourself against ransomware attacks.
  2. Interested in deterring hackers? (Aren’t we all?) A Department of Justice report on Russian hackers reveals that many successful hacks are due to insufficient password precautions: often, hackers didn’t have to work hard at all to weasel into email accounts – even those of bigwig executives and government officials.
  3. Want to stay up-to-date on information security? Then check out this list of the top 50 InfoSec blogs you should be reading (or else!).
  4. It’s tempting to assume you’re protected, but the 2016 Breach Level Index from digital security company Gemalto reveals that 44+ data records were compromised every second in 2016. Whoa.

Programming & Development

  1. Programmers know how important it is to stay up-to-date on the newest, hottest, and most popular programming languages. This list of the most sought-after programming languages for 2017 does the research for you, by perusing job listings for the most-requested skills right now.
  2. We’re just a small step closer to running Android apps on Linux, thanks to new open-source project Anbox. Have at it!
  3. Leading a development team is about more than actual code; you’re tasked with coordinating a team of varying personalities and work methods. With that in mind, step away from the technical aspects of development and take the time to absorb this article on the anatomy of a successful developer team lead.
  4. Feel like getting wooed? Isolated New Zealand is actively luring tech professionals, who are drawn, at least in part, to the country’s relative isolation and lack of political strife.
  5. Google continues to innovate in the world of virtual reality. Mary Cassin, Google’s UX engineer who works on Daydream and Tango, recently shared some key insights regarding the VR user experience.

Smartphones & Mobile

  1. It’s been a rough ride for Samsung – think multiple recalls and combustible devices – but the company just released a bit of good news: In late March, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S8 – their first major release since the fated Galaxy Note 7.
  2. Houston, we have a problem! Reports are flying that the still-to-be-released iPhone 8’s new fingerprint sensor may be malfunctioning.

Tech Tools & Apps

  1. Any tech-oriented human resources pros out there? You’ll appreciate this roundup the 51 best apps for HR managers from Wonolo an on demand staffing and temp service, which encompasses everything from recruitment tools to employee engagement.
  2. Do you Uber in NYC? The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) announced plans that would force Uber to add a credit-card tipping option to the app.
  3. There’s no better recommendation than a word-of-mouth recommendation, which is why we love this list of favorite IT products, straight from the mouths of savvy IT pros.
  4. For techy sales pros, there’s nothing better than having a few robust tools in your back pocket. We poured over this list of 50 sales management tools – from apps to boost productivity, to sales forecasting tools, to contact management, and everything in between.
  5. Barcodes may be the best thing since sliced bread, but they’re not worth much if you don’t have a good app to scan them. Enter this list of the 36 best barcode scanning and reading apps, broken down for iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions.
  6. Looking to streamline your digital marketing? (And who isn’t?) You know the tech tools and know-how are out there, but if it’s somewhat overwhelming, this list of 55 marketing automation tools and apps is just the trick to simplifying your marketing efforts.
  7. Like your internet browser light and fast? Future versions of Firefox plan to integrate a new slimmed-down, low-memory “performance” option.

Other Tech Articles

  1. Curious about how politics continues to shape the tech industry? The Hill has some good insight into Obama-era tech policies on the chopping block, for better or for worse.
  2. Justifying your tech expenditures is key to getting a bigger budget (and sometimes, to not getting fired…), so we think you’ll appreciate this article on how to calculate ROI on IT projects. It’s straightforward, educational and, best of all, even a bit entertaining.
  3. In the realm of weird news [and nefarious characters], Coachella became a thief’s paradise after a tech-savvy pickpocket used Find my iPhone to locate and steal 100 smartphones. Luckily, he was caught and arrested before he could pawn his booty.
  4. Finally! Facebook is taking action to remove fake news from their site: The social media giant has automated its fake news identification, starting with 30,000 fake news accounts out of France.
  5. If you have a yen to move, but New Zealand is just a little too far from home, check out this list, from Right Click, of top 12 U.S. cities for startups.
  6. The times, they are a changin’. The UK recently overhauled their national driving exam, and one of the big changes in store: trainee drivers will be subjected to real-life scenarios, and will be required to prove they can safely use a GPS.
  7. The geek in me recognizes the geek in you. If you’re passing through Seattle anytime soon, you owe yourself a stop at the Living Computers Museum, which has recently unveiled a new exhibit of historic machines, including Steve Jobs’ custom Apple I.

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