Best Microphones for Gaming

If you’re looking to play video games with friends then you need a way to communicate. The in-game text chat is fine for some titles, but if you’re looking to play any fast-paced titles, then voice chat is definitely the way to go, and for that, you need a good microphone. To help you on… Read More

The Best Xbox Games for Kids

There are many fantastic games for Microsoft’s Xbox on the market, but not all of them are suitable for younger kids to play. Many parents want their kids to have a fun time gaming with friends or family, but not necessarily be exposed to excessive violence or the grown up themes that often occur in… Read More

The Best Gaming Monitors

The best gaming monitor will have a few essential features. It will have crystal clear visuals from a powerful graphics card, it should have a super-fast response time, and some features to help ease the stress and strain on your eyes after many hours of gaming. The most advanced and premium gaming monitors will contain… Read More

The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Nintendo has an excellent selection of age appropriate games for kids. From adventures to races to battles, kids can choose their favorite style of games to play on their own or with friends. And with the Nintendo Switch’s TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode, kids can play at home or on the go. We… Read More

The Best PS4 Games For Kids

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a fantastic variety of games for a range of ages. But while some of their more mature games get most of the hype, they’re not always appropriate for younger players. Luckily, there are some great PS4 games for kids available without all the violence, gore, and language. Many of these games… Read More

Playing video games

The 50 Top-Rated, Top-Quality 4K Monitors for an Exceptional Gaming Experience Welcome to the world of better, more lifelike, and totally immersive gaming. Today’s 4K monitors for gaming offer best-in-class features, starting with resolution: a massive 3840 x 2160 pixels for a total of 8+ million pixels on your screen. At an incredible four times… Read More

Gaming Computer

The 50 Top-Rated Gaming PCs and Laptops for Gaming Enthusiasts Gaming computers are a breed all their own. Unlike standard laptops and PCs, they need to be loaded with the best hardware possible in order to provide good load times without lag for today’s hottest games. Graphics cards, RAM, and storage are all important aspects… Read More

Gaming computer

The 50 Top-Rated Computer Cases for Gamers A quality gaming case does a lot more than you think. It keeps all the components cool and, depending on the type of case, you’ll be able to install additional hardware upgrades to your machine. Building your own gaming PC has become easier over the last couple of… Read More