Dog wearing GPS tracker

Advances in science and technology have led to the creation of a whole new category of tech products: smart technology. From wearable tech devices to smart home systems, consumers have never been so spoiled for choice. Pet owners will be pleased to learn that they can also take advantage of smart technology designed with their… Read More

The Best Flashlights

The best flashlight is one of those essential home items that you never know how much you need until you need it. Every homeowner needs to have a few flashlights stashed around their house for safekeeping in the event of a power outage or late night emergency. We’ve all been caught in one of those situations… Read More

The Best LED Lanterns

Whether it’s for camping, backpacking, or just in case of an emergency at home, it’s a great idea to have a light source that doesn’t depend on being plugged into an electrical outlet to function. With today’s LED technology, lanterns provide brighter lighting for longer amounts of time and offer a variety of features that… Read More

The Best TV Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts are the way to get the most out of your flat-screen television. They serve as a fantastic space saver for your living area, and they’ll also provide you with the best TV viewing experience you could ever ask for. With a TV wall mount you can tilt, swivel, and rotate your television… Read More

The Best Backup Cameras

Backup cameras have become an important tool in modern vehicles. The unobstructed view provided by a vehicle’s backup camera gives drivers increased levels of convenience and safety when parking or driving their vehicles in reverse. The latest backup cameras transmit HD video directly to your car’s infotainment screen or a secondary high-resolution monitor, and many… Read More

The Best Outdoor TV Antennas

Modern outdoor TV antennas have incredible reception and will deliver high-definition digital video directly to your television. Gone are the days of rabbit ears and white noise— today’s best outdoor TV antennas can receive numerous HD channels from transmission towers that are dozens of miles away and turn them into crisp, high-quality television feeds. It’s… Read More

The Best USB Hubs

The best USB hubs make our favorite electronic tools and toys even more useful. A USB hub expands a single USB connection into any number of useful ports, including additional USB ports as well as other modern ports for devices such as those that require HDMI video output or an ethernet connection. You can better… Read More

The Best Wireless Chargers

The best wireless chargers have fast-charging capability and universal compatibility. They can also be a convenient way to clean up a cluttered desk by ridding the space of unnecessary wires. Wireless chargers are available in a variety of styles from flat charging pads to vertical stands and even complex, multifaceted docking bays. The latest and… Read More

The Best Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers are a low-maintenance solution to our modern on-the-go electricity needs. The best solar battery chargers are highly efficient at collecting the sun’s energy and transforming it into a useful electric current that can power our devices. Compact power banks utilize solar charging for hassle-free energy gains that can be used to recharge… Read More

The Best Smart Home Hubs

If your home is full of smart gadgets, you might want to consider purchasing a smart home hub. These devices let you consolidate all your smart home devices into one app and control center, making them easier to access and regulate. Plus, many smart home hubs are compatible with Alexa, which allows you to control… Read More

Real Estate

  The real estate industry is always changing. Think about all of the new technology that has come into existence just in the past few years. From social media marketing tactics, home selling techniques and software, agent team-building software and more, it’s important to stay up-to-date on all the trends. A great way to stay… Read More

Installing HVAC system

HVAC systems or heating, ventilation and cooling system have been quite popular in the modern times and these days it is difficult to imagine a modern building without this system. The traditional air conditioning systems show signs of degradation with time and become less effective in escalating your power bills. So upgrading to a modern… Read More

Smart tech for apartment

You live in Boulder, Colorado, but you’re finally moving out of your parents’ house to a new place apartment in Denver, and you’re excited for the smart technology options you’ll have. No more landlines, mechanical door knobs, old-school incandescent lights with broken dimmer switches, and you’re really looking forward to Internet faster than dial-up (Did… Read More

Apartment searching and smartphone

The real estate market is very localized. It’s an older industry that requires a ton of in-person showings, discussions and negotiations. In recent years, however, a number of technological innovations have disrupted this typically traditional industry. Here are a few ways that apartment hunters can utilize new technology to take the pain out of apartment… Read More

You’re the type of person who dreams of the latest iPhone. After months of waiting, should you get a new one? There are many factors to consider including your contract, model, whether the touchscreen is still working, if your phone is broken and more. Some people are such avid iPhone fans, they get a new… Read More

Person installing a dash cam

The 50 Top-Rated Dash Cams for Safety and Security on the Road When you’re researching the best car dash cams, you’re probably looking for a camera that will provide reliable, clear and effective monitoring on all your car trips. For a camera that will provide sharp, undebatable video evidence in the case of police reports… Read More

Wireless printer and phone

The 50 Top-Rated Wireless Printers for Your Home Office Setup Whether you want to frame photos you took during a dream vacation or save a document in a physical file, at some point, you will want to print something. Instead of dealing with cables, it is so much easier to work with a wireless printer…. Read More

Playing video games

The 50 Top-Rated, Top-Quality 4K Monitors for an Exceptional Gaming Experience Welcome to the world of better, more lifelike, and totally immersive gaming. Today’s 4K monitors for gaming offer best-in-class features, starting with resolution: a massive 3840 x 2160 pixels for a total of 8+ million pixels on your screen. At an incredible four times… Read More

Cable modem on table

The 50 Top-Rated Cable Modems for Reliable, Fast Internet Since we spend the majority of our time online, it is no wonder we get irritated when the Internet is either down or slow. While internet access relies on your internet service provider, some connectivity and speed issues can be resolved (and avoided) with the right… Read More

Headphones, Tablets and Gift Boxes

The 50 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts and Gadget Lovers Technology has advanced so greatly in the past few years that many of us can’t imagine a life without it. As a result, the number of techies continues to grow. Yet, when the gift-giving season rolls around, it can be difficult figuring out what… Read More

Man receiving a gift

The 50 Top-Rated Tech Gifts and Gadgets Men Will Love Finding the perfect electronics gifts for the man or men in your life isn’t always as easy as it looks. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with tech and electronics. From smart TVs to smart home accessories, speakers, earbuds, gaming gadgets, and everything… Read More

Outdoor security lights

The 25 Top-Rated Outdoor Lighting Options for a Safer Home from LEDs, to Motion Sensor and More Outdoor security lights can offer not only supplemental lighting for when you’re outside, but can also act as a deterrent for would-be vandals and burglars. They offer a typically inexpensive security solution that is often simple enough for… Read More

WIndow-mounted air conditioner

The 25 Top-Rated AC Units to Cool Your Home on Any Budget As the mercury rises it’s important to have a reliable air conditioner that can help to keep you and your family comfortable. Window-mounted air conditioners are a popular choice as they are less expensive than central air conditioning systems, and are easy to… Read More

Digital Home Automation System

Home automation systems are devices that allow homeowners to monitor and control their home from remote locations. They are either programmable devices such as thermostats and sprinkler systems, or automation systems that can control all the devices in your home network. By connecting smart devices to a home automation system via WiFi, you can control… Read More

Building a gaming computer

For serious gamers, building a custom top-rated gaming computer is not just a wish; it’s a must. Most off-the-shelf consumer laptops and desktops, while an easy buy, don’t end up being the best computer for gaming. They’re too slow, or their video cards are underpowered, or they’re not built for performance. You already knew that,… Read More

Smart Home

A connected home is quickly becoming the new must-have when it comes to real estate, and with good reason. Smart home products not only offer convenience, they can provide you with increased safety while lowering energy consumption. Being able to manage your home’s lights, thermostat, security, and more via your smartphone is no longer just… Read More