Dog wearing GPS tracker

Advances in science and technology have led to the creation of a whole new category of tech products: smart technology. From wearable tech devices to smart home systems, consumers have never been so spoiled for choice.

Pet owners will be pleased to learn that they can also take advantage of smart technology designed with their pets’ health and wellbeing in mind. You’ll find no shortage of amazing tech products for pets designed to support pet owners like you to care for your pets more effectively and efficiently. For example, devices like filtered cat fountains make use of futuristic technology to help make every day pet-related tasks easier.

So what types of tech products for pets are available? Take a read of our quick guide to tech products for pets below to find out. We’ll be taking a look at the four main categories that pet devices fall into so you have a better idea of what’s out there and what to look for.

WiFi-Enabled Devices

WiFi-enabled pet devices have quickly become popular among pet owners. These innovative devices have proved helpful in both health and security monitoring. They are also handy for any pet owners who are looking to simplify time-consuming or labor-intensive tasks.

Smart cameras and mobile phone controlled devices that monitor your pet’s food intake are just two of the many products you’ll find in this category. Some smart devices even offer two-way communication so you can speak and listen to your pet even when you’re miles away.

Bluetooth-Enabled Pet Devices

Bluetooth-enabled devices are another category of smart technology for pets that provide numerous benefits for pet owners. These devices rely on Bluetooth technology to assist pet owners to complete tasks in a relatively smoother and speedier manner. They typically work within a 30-foot range within the area your device is connected to.

A prime example of a Bluetooth-enabled pet device is a cat tracker that uses Bluetooth technology to offer real-time information about your cat’s whereabouts. Another example is a Bluetooth enabled dog leash that provides you with data about your walks.

Cellular-Controlled Smart Pet Devices

Cellular-controlled smart pet devices describe any device that solely uses cellular networks to operate. They are more common than you may think, given that GPS rely on this technology. For example, GPS trackers typically use a cellular service provider to track your pet’s movements. This makes cellular-controlled smart pet devices a recommended buy for pet owners concerned about their pet’s safety.

Electronically-Controlled Devices

Many pet owners have been quick to adopt the use of electronically-controlled pet devices due to the  helpful insights and convenience they offer. For instance, smart dog bowls with built-in digital scales for food weighing purposes and heating and cooling dog beds. Perhaps the most common electronically-controlled pet devices are smart dog toys. You may already own a few without having given them a second thought.

And therein lies the beauty of tech products for pets: they are designed to fit seamlessly into you life. Sometimes, they do such a good job that you may forget just how cumbersome simple tasks for your pet used to be!

At the rate at which smart technology has flourished, we can expect even more advanced and useful pet technology in the months and years to come. For now, there are plenty of innovative products to try out. Who knows, after giving them a go and seeing the difference they make to both you and your pet’s lives, you may never be able to make the switch back!