You’re the type of person who dreams of the latest iPhone. After months of waiting, should you get a new one? There are many factors to consider including your contract, model, whether the touchscreen is still working, if your phone is broken and more.

Some people are such avid iPhone fans, they get a new iPhone each time there’s another model on the market. Owning an iPhone has become a status symbol; it’s like owning the latest accessory of the year. Even waiting in line for the latest iPhone has become a tradition for many owners. And, you can’t deny that the iPhone is very stylish. So, how do you compare iPhones? Keep reading to learn more.

Let’s look at the weight

When considering your next iPhone model, it is important to keep in mind the difference between a real iPhone and a fake. Also, every iPhone iteration has added new features and even, taken a few away.

Weight can make a lot of difference on which iPhone you decide to purchase. Models have come a long way in terms of heft. It’s hard to believe how much bulkier smart phones used to be. Now, they are normally sleek and thin. And, it is the iPhone who led the way for the smart device aesthetic today.

Depending on the model, the iPhone can weigh anywhere from 3.99 ounces to 6.07 ounces and various weights in between. This can come down to what feels most comfortable in your hand and on your person. So, you should “kick the tires,” or get your hands on a few models before deciding on the perfect one for you.

Things to consider are what you use the phone for. Is it for work? Is it for personal use, or both? Do you text a lot? Do you want to play games? Then, after you’ve answered those questions, you want a weight that feels comfortable for everything you will need to do on your next iPhone.

iPhone 5S 16GB

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5S made its debut in 2013, which really isn’t that long ago. What makes the 5S a standout is the fact that it was the first iPhone with a fingerprint reader–and, you can imagine the fanfare. In addition, it was the first Apple smartphone with a 64-bit processor. This is why we are starting our comparisons with the 5S, because it is still a hugely popular model today.

Moreover, it won’t cost as much as the latest iPhone models. So, you can still sport an Apple device without using your house as collateral. The camera for the 5S is also improved over the iPhone 5. And, the iPhone 5S was the last model available that sported the original iPhone design, before the iPhone 6 went thinner with more rounded edges. Furthermore, it has an all-aluminum-and-glass chassis. Plus, it only weighs 112 grams–it almost feels as light as air.

Key Features:

  • Touch ID fingerprint reader
  • 64-bit processor
  • Lightweight

Price: Est. $305.00

iPhone 6 16GB

iPhone 6

When Apple released the iPhone 6, they took a massive step forward with an improved battery, thinner design with more rounded edges and a more effective keyboard. The phone even looks different from the 5S. The good news is, like the 5S, the iPhone 6 is still available to buy.

It also has a larger screen than previous models, a better camera and an enhanced processor. When it made its debut, prices ranged from $649 to as much as $850 for the 128GB model. Today, you can get the iPhone 6 for under $300–and, you get all the amazing features too.

Key Features:

  • Better keyboard
  • Improved battery
  • Sleek design

Price: Est. $299

iPhone 7 32GB

iPhone 7

As iterations in the Apple world go, the iPhone 7 also made several improvements over the iPhone 6. For instance, you’ll get optical image stabilization with the front and rear-view cameras. Even in low light, photo quality is improved. The battery life is better, it is water resistant and the processor is faster.

So, you can tell the iPhone 7 is faster than previous versions. When it launched, prices were around $750–certainly not chump change. Today, you can get an iPhone 7 for under $500. And, consider the fact that the iPhone 7 was released only two years ago. So, it’s still relatively fresh and innovative in terms of design and features.

Key Features:

  • Optical image stabilization
  • Completely water resistant
  • Long-lasting battery

Price: Est. $468.98

iPhone 8 64GB

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 offers plenty of power with amazing performance, 64GB storage and wireless charging. It has the Touch ID, along with a home button. This model is for the iPhone fan who wants to stick with the familiar and doesn’t want to spend a grand on it either. It comes with a six-core A11 Bionic chip, perfect for those who feel the need for speed. And, it has an iPad-style touchscreen.

Key Features:

  • 4K video recording
  • Water resistant
  • A11 Bionic chip

Price: Est. $810.00

Final thought

As you can see, the iPhone is a powerhouse regardless of the year or model. Whether you choose to go with an older version or the latest iteration, you will always be impressed.