Person installing a dash cam

The 50 Top-Rated Dash Cams for Safety and Security on the Road When you’re researching the best car dash cams, you’re probably looking for a camera that will provide reliable, clear and effective monitoring on all your car trips. For a camera that will provide sharp, undebatable video evidence in the case of police reports… Read More

Playing video games

The 50 Top-Rated, Top-Quality 4K Monitors for an Exceptional Gaming Experience Welcome to the world of better, more lifelike, and totally immersive gaming. Today’s 4K monitors for gaming offer best-in-class features, starting with resolution: a massive 3840 x 2160 pixels for a total of 8+ million pixels on your screen. At an incredible four times… Read More

Home WiFi

We’re living in a connected world. And that means we all know the pain of walking two steps to the left, only to tumble smartphone-first into a WiFi dead zone. It’s a buffering nightmare. Luckily, we’re still living in a connected world. And that means that tech companies not only understand our pain but have… Read More

Smart Home

One of the best and worst things about the smart-home world, is that it’s ever-evolving: As soon as you’ve mastered one fascinating new gadget, a newer and must-have gizmo is there to either augment or replace the first. Obviously, we love and appreciate all the latest advancements in home automation. We’re moving toward a Jetsons… Read More

Man using phone and computer

We’re a few all-nighters away from November, so it should come as no surprise that the gaming industry – PC gaming, console gaming, phone game, all the gaming! – is revving up, just in time for holiday shopping. New systems have been announced. Virtual reality is now our reality. And new games are being released… Read More

Installing a Wireless Repeater

We’ve all been there: You open a YouTube video; you’re binging on Netflix; you’re playing an online game; you’re uploading family photos, and BAM! Your WiFi network crashes. Your videos get stuck on endless buffering; you get kicked off your game; or your photo uploads fail completely. You scream. You weep. You’re tempted to throw… Read More