Smart Home

One of the best and worst things about the smart-home world, is that it’s ever-evolving: As soon as you’ve mastered one fascinating new gadget, a newer and must-have gizmo is there to either augment or replace the first.

Obviously, we love and appreciate all the latest advancements in home automation. We’re moving toward a Jetsons future at near light-speed, and we couldn’t be more excited, but we also need to be vigilant. The only solution: Read, read, read! Keep up-to-date on smart-home news, so you can keep abreast of all the need-to-know, should-know, and you-really-want-to-know news.
latest smart home news articles
So, without further ado:

Smart Home News

  1. From a personal standpoint, one of my family’s favorite smart-home uses is for entertainment. And Beth, of Hypebot, recently shared some insights on how smart home tech is revolutionizing the music industry. Sounds good to me!
  2. The geek in me recognizes the geek in you, and so I share this awesome insight into how an expert cryptographer designs a smart home.
  3. And speaking of geek, let’s talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing home automation. The applications are fascinating; I can hardly imagine the features smart homes will have in just 5 years.
  4. And while we’re on the topic of advancing smart home tech through AI, you can’t miss this interview between ReadWrite and Philip Handschin, on lessons from the IoT front lines.
  5. Think smart tech is only hot in Europe, Asia, and North America? A new study by Reos (a Cube26 brand) shows that home automation is an upcoming trend in India, too.
  6. Smart advances are always on the forefront, and here’s one we can’t wait to see more of: Samsung is working to develop a next-gen universal remote for home automation.

Home Automation Products

  1. Kiko at the BitBag reviews home automation with Google Home, including how it works with Google Assistant.
  2. The SmartThings blog does the legwork, and reviews the Netgear Arlo and Google Home integration, so you can voice-control your smart home.
  3. And while we’re on the subject, are you wondering whether Google Home can compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo and Alexa? Stewart at Techlicious thinks it can.
  4. I’m inextricably drawn to all things new and smart, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that At Home in the Future’s recent post on the Aura Alarm Clock and Sleep Monitor caught my eye. And made me drool.
  5. Looking for some new smart plugs? Gotta Be Mobile has an in-depth review of the iHome iSP6 SmartPlug.
  6. For our home-automation friends across the pond, Automated Home brings us Eve Energy, an Apple Homekit-enabled smart socket. Bonus: It’s super pretty, to boot!

Smart Home Ideas & Tips

  1. If you think home automation is only for the super tech-savvy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this post from Tekoia, on 5 easy ways to go smart at home.
  2. If you ask my stomach, the best room in the house to go smart? The kitchen. But automation for automation’s sake is no good, and that’s why I ate up Arrayent’s post on smart connections for a smart kitchen.
  3. Lighting can really affect mood, amiright? Luckily, a smart home can create the right ambient lighting – but only if you know how to strike the right lighting at the right time.
  4. Do you think robots are a thing of the future? You’ll never be so excited to have been wrong: Marco at Open Home Automation reviews six – count ‘em, six! – robot kits that you can put together right now.
  5. Your wallet may hate you for it, but if you need some fresh ideas on how to automate your home, Control4 has you covered – with a whopping 78 home automation ideas. No need to thank me.
  6. Secret (okay, maybe not-so-secret) confession time: Programming my smart tech sometimes makes me feel like a wizard. And I love it. Get your wizard on with these 5 awesome tricks for your Amazon Echo.
  7. They may come too late for this year’s festivities, but check out these spooky ways you can rig your smart devices to scare the pants of friends and family. As soon as Halloween goodies go on sale, you’ll be ready to jump on the best deals.

Other Smart Home Tidbits

  1. Admittedly, I’m a little crazy for virtual home tours. Maybe a lot. I admit nothing. Back to the point: My heart almost burst with joy when I spotted this smart home tour, courtesy of Chelsea at Electronic House.
  2. Did you know that a smart home can equate to an insurance discount?
  3. Have you ever wondered how designers incorporate smart tech into their pro spaces? Roger from Raspberry Pi was invited to be a judge for the element14 Pi IoT Smarter Spaces Design Challenge, and offers some interesting insight to process.
  4. Anyone who has even a passing interest in smart home technology, also has more than a passing interest in smart home security: How can you keep your home connected, without letting hackers in? Kari from MarketWatch has the answers – seven of them, to be exact.
  5. The above aside, Peggy at Connected World warns that IoT devices are less than secure, and hackers are even targeting the little fish – cameras, espresso machines, pet collars, etc. – now, too.
  6. Are you an early adopter? Can’t keep yourself off Kickstarter? Then check out what Geeky Gadgets has to say about ZAC, a new automation concept currently seeking funding.