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Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to keep up with goings-on in the computer world? It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I click refresh for tech news, or how many blogs I subscribe to, or how many newsletters I read – there’s always something new to read, to know, to understand.

The good news? Most of the really important stuff – the sneaky changes to privacy settings, or that new vicious virus going around, or weaknesses in an OS update – seems to self-filter itself, floating like an ultra-buoyant pool toy to the top of my email and my news feed.

So, this is about some of that other stuff: interesting computer news from the tech world – all those little tidbits that nerds, geeks, and even general news junkies will find interesting.
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Windows News

  1. Windows users, good news! Netflix launched 4K streaming in November – but only on the Microsoft Edge browser. (And only for certain processors.)
  2. Love it or hate it, Microsoft’s Office suite is the standard. And in November, the giant launched its Office 365 software in 10 new worldwide markets.

Mac News

  1. Do you defer more to your tablet than your computer? You’re not the only one. Mac360 dives into tablets-as-PCs and the iPad vs. Mac debate.
  2. Something scammy this way comes. How-To Geek warns that yep, even the Mac App Store is full of scams.
  3. Alexey Semeney of the DevTeamSpace blog warns that the new MacBook Pro is no longer the right choice for developers.

Open Source News

  1. Finally, Microsoft has enabled Linux users to send SMS texts via the latest Skype Alpha.
  2. InfoWorld’s Agam Shah fills us in on how open-source hardware manufacturers are working to achieve the Open Source Hardware Association certification.
  3. Microsoft may be late to the party, but the company has finally acknowledged the great potential of the open source talent base: Senior Program Manager, Rich Turner, recently called for Linux developers to switch to Windows 10.

Internet / Online Computing News

  1. Keep your computer (and your information) safe: Firefox recently announced “in your face” warnings for insecure login pages.
  2. Being a parent in the online age is more than a little bit overwhelming; there’s just so MUCH out there that can get our kids into trouble. Thankfully, Nerds on Call teaches how we can lock down our kids’ computer activity.
  3. Oh, and speaking of your kids and their computers, Alexandra Samuel asks the question on every parent’s mind: Are our kids addicted to tech, or are we just old?
  4. For many of us, Internet is a given but as of year-end, only half the world will be online.
  5. Just in time for holiday shopping! You can now ask Google how crowded somewhere is, in real time.
  6. If you want to creep yourself out, a new website – clickclickclick.click – will show you what websites know about you. Look if you dare.
  7. But oh, sweet privacy! If you’ve ever worried about your online footprint, you can now clean up your internet presence with a single click. Kind of.
  8. If you think Google search is relegated to typing in a few keywords, you’ll seriously appreciate Layer 2 Computer’s take on how to become a Google master.
  9. We’re not sure if this stands as a cry for help, or just as incredibly sad, but almost 40% of Americans would give up sex for a year, in exchange for tighter online security.
  10. This month, the UK apparently passed a “snooper charter” that gives at least 48 organizations access to Brits’ browsing histories.

Other Computer News

  1. Are you a digital photographer with some great photo editing skills? Terry White has the ‘sitch on why you might consider becoming an Adobe stock contributor.
  2. Meanwhile, in the realm of supercomputers, the S. announced intentions to build two (at a paltry $200-$300 million, each), while Japan plans to build to the world’s fastest supercomputer.
  3. Gail Carmichael, who applies the female perspective to computer science, explores how technology can outpace diversity initiatives.
  4. Oops? Technology brings down technology (yet again), in this recent report on how hackers can steal a Tesla car via its own app.
  5. Think your desk job is better than unemployment? A recent study out of the University of Melbourne says that doing nothing may actually be better, at least for cognitive function, than working 60 hours/week. That’s encouraging. Thanks, researchers.
  6. Think computers take the place of human jobs? It does happen, but experts also see room for optimism: computers, technology and bots may create jobs, too. Yes, jobs for humans, not bots.
  7. Looking forward to where computers (and tech) will go next year? Datamation has 10 artificial intelligence (AI) trends to watch out for in 2017.