Digital Asset Management

As a digital marketer, you understand the importance of storing, securing and sharing assets. What method do you use right now? Google Drive? Dropbox? File folders on your desktop? Those may work for a while, but they are not scalable, nor are they the most secure options options on the market. Digital Asset Management Vendors

If you’re growing and producing volumes of content for all of your social media profiles, you need a solution much more powerful than a shared drive. The ideal DAM solution should be flexible, scalable, secure, and user-friendly. In the digital marketing world, you’re managing a plethora of digital media files and formats, and you need a powerful and flexible solution for managing those assets.

And, digital marketers are taking notice. In fact, According to an IT Intelligence Markets report, the DAM software market is expected to grow at over 20 percent CAGR by 2022. Keep reading for a list of DAM vendors you should consider when you’re ready to take control of your digital assets.

DAM’s Impact on Digital Marketing

Decades ago, digital marketing wasn’t a field. In fact, if you wanted to store files, you would place them in a physical folder and into a file cabinet. Now, think about images, videos, and sounds you manage on a daily basis and imagine storing those on a shelf – times several thousand. If a single file is misplaced, it’s possibly lost forever. Now, consider the cost of recreating that particular file, a process you’ll likely repeat hundreds of times if you’re unable to locate the assets you need when you need them most.

On the other hand, if you could store your files in an easily-accessible, ultra-searchable, and secure way, those issues disappear like magic. Life would be simple and easy. Files would get distributed, and digital marketing would be a piece of cake. This is exactly what the right DAM vendor could do for your digital marketing efforts. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for bandwidth, you get manageable subscription options based on your budget and needs.

In the midst of the explosion of Big Data and analytics, digital marketers need a DAM vendor that affords them the ability to manage, store, and share files efficiently and securely. If you’re weighing your DAM options, here are a few leading vendors to consider.

Flight by Canto

Flight by Canto

Flight is one of the most popular DAM vendors on the market today. Flight is SaaS-based – so, you can access your digital assets from any device with an Internet connection. You won’t even need hardware or IT support.

Moreover, Flight will automatically sort your assets by file type. In addition, you can easily search and scan files by tags, keywords, type, date of upload and more. And, if you want to share files with contractors, you can conveniently link Flight to your Dropbox account. Easy, right?

ADAM Software

ADAM Software

ADAM Software has been around the DAM game for over a decade. The software calls itself a “smart content hub,” and for good reason. It offers a scalable solution to grow right along with your company. In addition, ADAM offers a number of useful features such as:

  • Annotation
  • Digital rights management
  • Broad file support
  • Translation

Some of ADAM Software’s more notable clients include Lego and the Home Depot. So, you know your files will be in good hands.



With MerlinOne, there are no limits. This is the world’s most powerful DAM platform. If you’re ready to build remarkable experiences for your target audience, MerlinOne is the solution you need to better manage the assets you need to deliver powerful and engaging customer experiences. MerlinOne offers a slew of helpful features designed to make your life easier, such as a built-in web uploader that allows you to enter metadata and even manage how metadata is entered.

You can even link associated files together for easy organization. Another feature is MerlinOne’s drag-and-drop interface for your multimedia files, photos, PDFs, videos, and more. Now, you can edit, reuse, and distribute files quickly and conveniently. MerlinOne also lets you batch edit metadata. And, to speed up repetitive processes, you can use templates. These are just a few of MerlinOne’s user-centric features that have gained a global following.

CampaignDrive by Pica9

CampaignDrive by Pica9

If you need something specifically designed for distributed marketing operations, then this is the DAM solution for you. CampaignDrive is a SaaS-based platform that offers automation features. Other benefits include:

  • Local partner usage analytics
  • Control content based on geography, partner content and more
  • Flexible templates

Even with your current set of applications, CampaignDrive provides easy integration. Some of CampaignDrive’s well-known clients include Marriott and Polaris.

MarcomCentral Enterprise

MarcomCentral Enterprise

MarcomCentral Enterprise is a cloud-based DAM portal that offers a bevy of features while requiring very little maintenance. Training and onboarding options include:

  • Documentation
  • In person
  • Live online
  • Webinars

So, you (and your entire team) will be up to speed in no time. And, MarcomCentral Enterprise ensures your team is on brand, all the time. Other benefits include:

  • Filtered search
  • Image editing
  • Version control
  • Watermarking
  • In-document search
  • Brand control


The right DAM vendor will help you reach more customers, with more targeted and hyper-focused campaigns on a wide variety of platforms. As a result, your marketing efforts become much more effective. If you’re ready to take back the reigns and get better control over and visibility into your brand assets, these five vendors are worth considering.

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